Beyond Pumpkin Pie: A Cake For Hazelnuts Lovers

Since my first Thanksgiving in the USA I have been trying to bring a little bit of Italy to the holiday's table. After all, in Italy we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie is not an Italian typical dessert, and turkey is definitely not one of my preferred meal. Two days until Thanksgiving; Are visions of …

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La Pastiera Napoletana

Sharing MY Italy

Pastiera - Easter DesertThis is the last day of My Easter baking marathon, time for the sweet things.

La Pastiera is another traditional dish of the Neapolitan cuisine.

The nuns of the ancient convent of San Gregorio Armeno were considered to be master in the preparation of the Pastiera. They used to prepare great quantities for the rich families during Easter time.

Today, there are two different ways of preparing the Pastiera: the traditional one mixes the ricotta cheese to the eggs; the most recent one, adds to the mix thick pastry cream.

I follow the traditional recipe, I do however, purée half of the wheat/milk mixture to favor a creamier texture.

The Acqua di Millefiori (Literally “ Thousand Flower Water”) is the one ingredient in the Pastiera that gives it its very distinct aroma . . . It truly reminds you that it’s Primavera (Spring)!

The Pastiera has to be…

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