Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

It must be my background as an architect but I can honestly see geometry everywhere! Hope you will enjoy my selections for this week photo challenge. And with this post I am signing off for two weeks . . . heading to China tomorrow! Ciao...

Three Days in Florence . . . Day Three

Here we are, our last day in Florence. If you have just joined me for My three days in Florence you might want to follow My path for DAY ONE and DAY TWO. TRE GIORNI A FIRENZE DAY THREE: Today we start from Museo di San Marco. The museum occupies the oldest part of the … Continue reading Three Days in Florence . . . Day Three

Three Days in Florence . . . Day Two

I hope you enjoyed My Day one of our Three days in Florence and I trust you are ready for day two. Last Spring when I was in Florence I stayed at the Pitti Palace Hotel; My room was not the best, the hotel, however, is located right on Ponte Vecchio and, best of all, it has … Continue reading Three Days in Florence . . . Day Two

Inspiring Workshops in Florence!

We always come across advertisements for cooking workshops in Italy, but how many times we have come across a workshop on Commedia dell’Arte or Baroque and Renaissance Dance or Inside Design: Concept of Italian Interiors? Well, these are exactly some of the exciting workshops offered by GO INSPIRED and you could be attending one on … Continue reading Inspiring Workshops in Florence!

Three Days in Florence . . . Day One

Other than spending many hours thinking about my blog, writing it, checking my stats, Twittering, Pinteresting, cooking, traveling, (still) following my grown up children's activities, loving my husband, brushing my wonderful dogs, reading, listening to Adele, doing some interior design work for friends, and daydreaming, I also teach Italian language, give Italian cooking demonstrations, and … Continue reading Three Days in Florence . . . Day One