Fall is for Chestnuts…Vellutata Di Castagne

This recipe was inspired by a trip to the market where on display they had a barrel full of Italian chestnuts, le castagne. Chestnuts and hazelnuts are two of the main species of trees that grows in the mountain surrounding my hometown in Italy. In the cold nights of fall and winter, il carretto delle caldarroste, …

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Easter Baking. Pizza co’ l’erba

Sharing MY Italy

easter bunniesSince Easter is only three days away, this post is probably overdue. Nevertheless, I am sure some of you out there are still looking for traditional Italian Easter recipes.

In the next three days I will share with you one recipe a day: the pizza co’ l’erba, the pizza piena and the pastiera. So, don’t forget to come back to my blog everyday!

Easter baking is not just about the food, it is also about rituals, traditions and timing.

My childhood memories of Pasqua (Easter) are really happy ones. During the weeks heading into this Holiday, my mom would take me shopping for a my new Easter Sunday dress. This was also the first new dress of Spring. With the dress, of course, came new shoes. . . that’s where all started!

It was also time for Spring cleaning, but I have to admit that I was never…

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If it’s Friday. . . it’s Pesce!

Last week I had tweeted this picture and I promised that I would have followed up with a post, so here I am, as promised. Risotto ai gamberi (Risotto with shrimp) is one of my favorite dish to prepare. It is comforting and fresh at the same time, perfect for Spring.  To me it represents the fusion of …

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Spring is on the corner. . . green peas are calling!

The warm days leading to Primavera (Spring) are here and this wonderful season comes with a basket full of fresh produce. While it is true that it is possible to find almost any produce all year long either frozen, grown in greenhouses or coming from somewhere on earth, there is not better satisfaction than using …

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Friday night flavorful meatless dinner

Who said that the days of magro (days of fasting or meatless) cannot be flavorful? Do you know that during the Middle Age, the Christian’s observance of Lent and the various religious fasts added up to an estimated 130 days a year? The Italian cuisine is rich of exquisite meatless dishes based on fish and vegetables, and …

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