Baroque & Chocolate . . . This is Modica, Sicily

It is no secret that I love architecture and chocolate. I knew that no trip to Sicily would have been complete without a trip to Modica.

Celebrating Mother’s Day with an Italian Poem.

Buona Festa della Mamma! Happy Mother's Day! Today, my words are not needed . . . I will let a poem speak. I am sharing another poesia (poem) by Annabella Mele; you can read about this Italian poetess -very close to my heart - in my January and March's posts. You can listen to the …

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Old Age. . . A Poem

Today, March 8th, is International Women day. In Italy we call it  Festa della donna (Women’s day) and the fragrant yellow mimosa flower is the symbol of this holiday. Today, one year ago, my madre (mother) was laid to rest, coincidentally, on the same day that my father was born. I keep thinking that she …

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First snow. A Picture And A Poem.

I want to celebrate the first snow of 2012 with a poesia (poem) by Annabella Mele. The Italian poetess Annabella Mele lives in Novara, Italy. Annabella is registered with the board of Writers of the Gruppo Cultura Italia (Italy Culture Group).  In 2000 she published  "Poesie", a collection of poems. Her poems are also present …

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