Baked Four-Cheese Pasta with Creamy Butternut Squash

Give an elegant twist to your classic mac and cheese with My Baked four-cheese pasta with creamy butternut squash.

Beyond Pumpkin Pie: A Cake For Hazelnuts Lovers

Since my first Thanksgiving in the USA I have been trying to bring a little bit of Italy to the holiday's table. After all, in Italy we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, pumpkin pie is not an Italian typical dessert, and turkey is definitely not one of my preferred meal. Two days until Thanksgiving; Are visions of …

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Fall is for Chestnuts…Vellutata Di Castagne

This recipe was inspired by a trip to the market where on display they had a barrel full of Italian chestnuts, le castagne. Chestnuts and hazelnuts are two of the main species of trees that grows in the mountain surrounding my hometown in Italy. In the cold nights of fall and winter, il carretto delle caldarroste, …

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Gingerly Stepping Into Cold Waters.

Post inspired by  Daily Prompt: Gingerly I will be honest and say that as I looked at the daily prompt, the first thing that came to mind reading the word "gingerly", was ginger, as in tuber. I love ginger with its pungent but refreshing taste and its sweet, exotic fragrance. Not to mention that its …

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Fave dei Morti

A Recipe for All Soul's Day The Fave dei Morti are delicious and simple cookies whose main ingredient is ground almonds. They are traditionally eaten on All Soul’s Day (November 2), which follows All Saint’s Day. Fave are broad beans, so the literal translation is “beans of the dead”. The connection between broad beans and …

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