Gingerly Stepping Into Cold Waters.

Bagno Marzā, Monopoli, Puglia
Gingerly…step in! Bagno Marzā, Puglia, Italy

Post inspired by  Daily Prompt: Gingerly

I will be honest and say that as I looked at the daily prompt, the first thing that came to mind reading the word “gingerly”, was ginger, as in tuber. I love ginger with its pungent but refreshing taste and its sweet, exotic fragrance. Not to mention that its Italian name is so intriguing and melodious: zenzero, pronounced DZEHN/dzeh/roh. 

Anyway, I immediately thought of My coffee-mascarpone-ginger semifreddobuonissimo! I know, given today chilling temperature, I should have thought of a warm ginger tea.

Back to the true meaning of the word, gingerly is the way I have been feeling coming back to this blog after an almost three years of silence. I have been gingerly and apprehensively redesigning my page (I am still working on it) to give it a fresh look or perhaps, to give myself a fresh start. I am stepping into this realm and I feel as gingerly as stepping into the fresh, crystal clear water of my beloved Italian Sea. You know, the little trepidation for the cold water that will cause shivers down your spine and yet, the excitement to dive in.

Gingerly stepping into clear waters
The crystal clear water of the Cilento Coast, Acciaroli, Italy

I couldn’t resist but showing few more pics of My mare.

Faraglioni, Capri, Italy
Faraglioni. Island of Capri, Italy
Acciaroli, Campania, Italy
Acciaroli, Italy

Now, if the word gingerly makes you think of ginger, you can check My Semifreddo’s recipe . . . just sayin’

Semifreddo Caffè Mascarpone Zenzero
My Semifreddo Caffê, Mascarpone, and Zenzero





4 thoughts on “Gingerly Stepping Into Cold Waters.

  1. With the crazy way the weather has behaved this year, in the next few weeks we might just be surprised in a way that will warrant a frozen dessert! I do hope that you will continue with your blog. I think that you can share a different perspective now that you’re across the pond, and honestly, there can never be enough blogs about Italy, especially if it includes food!


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