“Capture the Colour” and lost photographs!

Two months ago something terrible happened, the iPhoto Application on my MAC desktop CRASHED! I guess it had been giving signals such as: “Are you sure you want to download more pictures? Memory is running low!” I had not only dismissed the recurrent message, I had not even backed up my photo library of over 6000 pictures! Can you imagine how devastated I was when one morning I opened iPhoto and my pictures had disappeared? In complete shock and unable to think, I tried to search for the lost photographs but all I could find where pics that belonged to my son and that I never even seen before . . . crazy!

I let the days go by, hoping that giving the computer a break it would magically go back to its old self. Well, it did not happen; what happened instead was that my blogger friend Meg, from Meg Travels, invited me to participate in “Capture the Colour”, an invitation that at any given day would have got me super excited, but on that particular day, I actually panicked.

Capture the Colour” was an opportunity to share some of my favorite photographs. Furthermore, it was yet one more opportunity to share my Italy with you. I had no choice, but find my lost photographs.

More than six weeks have passed; I have been since trying to search for my photographs in every folder, subfolder, sub-sub-folder . . . and I finally managed to find, in no particular order, almost all my pics. I have been spending hours everyday trying to reorganize my photo library – on an external hard drive! – I predict it will take many more hours. Despite the distress I just could not pass on Meg’s invitation and so here I am with my 5 photographs, which are probably not my best, but still, they carry a lot of great memories!


NOTE: The only requirement to participate is that each photographs capture one of each of the following colours” blue, green, yellow, white and red. Then nominate 5 bloggers to pass this contest.

To learn more about “Capture the Colour” visit Capture the Colour PhotoBlog (I found that sometimes this link doesn’t work properly, in that case go to TravelSupermarket.com ).


The BLUE water of Scario, Cilento National Park – Italy 2009

The GREEN shutters of Ponte Vecchio, Firenze – Italy 2008

The YELLOW night glow of the Fontana dei fiumi, Roma – Italy 2010

WHITE guardian at Sottoportego Soranzo, Venezia – Italy 2008

RED sky of Bagnaia, Isola d’Elba – Italy 2011

And these are my five nominations – against which I do not stand a chance, their photographs are amazing!


Manipal’s Photo Blog

1001 Scribbles



12 thoughts on ““Capture the Colour” and lost photographs!

  1. I know you must have had your heart leap into your throat!!! I lost all of my documents on my laptop several years ago…and I actually cried…my hubby bought an external flash drive that I now use for everything, then back it up on another larger external hard drive.

    It sounds like you have been lucky to restore your “memories” and it is a hard lesson to even learn – now we also store all of our pics on an external hard drive that holds 1 Terabyte of memory, and then back that up, too….never too safe!

    Love the photos! Glad you “found” them!!


    1. I almost cried too! And me too now back up everything on the external hard drive, then on a new 1T hard drive. Only after much review and consideration I transfer “some” photos on my new laptop!
      Glad you liked my pics :-)!


    1. Andrew, It wasn’t so much about the photos as for all the memories that they carried along. I may have lost few years (wish I could do that with age!) but I retrieved most of them . . .


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