Inspiring Workshops in Florence!

We always come across advertisements for cooking workshops in Italy, but how many times we have come across a workshop on Commedia dell’Arte or Baroque and Renaissance Dance or Inside Design: Concept of Italian Interiors?

Well, these are exactly some of the exciting workshops offered by GO INSPIRED and you could be attending one on them in Florence this summer.

It’s true I do write about all the wonders of Italian food, I love to cook, and I am enjoying sharing My recipes with you . . .  I am, however, still an architect. I love all forms of arts; interior design is one of my passions.

When Margo Kopek, one of the co-founder of GO INSPIRED, recently contacted me to ask if I would support her organization through my blog, I was skeptical at first. I do not usually endorse anything that I have not personally tried, experienced first hand, and enjoyed.

I decided, however, to do a little research to review GO INSPIRED’s credentials and offerings and I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

This is what the About Go Inspired page says:

“A way to combine adventure, travel, education, and cultural exploration, Go Inspired took form. Refusal to give up what we deem as the “good things in life” in order to enter the work force, Go Inspired was a way to combine our zest for life with our passion for working towards a healthy global community.
We believe that peace in action can come in many forms but that self-exploration and cultural exchange sit at the heart of it. When we challenge ourselves to go beyond our comfort zone positive change takes place. In the spirit of adventure, we invite you to join us in whichever program resonates with you and hope that you find it as passion-invoking as we have. After all, it’s about going inspired and then going on to inspire others.”

The Objective is not less inspiring:

“Go Inspired is a cultural exchange company that looks for unique, creative opportunities to explore the world. We offer an array of courses, workshops, volunteer placements, and trips abroad as a way to complement classroom learning, build language confidence, enhance professional development, provide humanitarian aid, and to facilitate self-growth.”

If this was not enough to win me over, I was sold when I discovered that Go Inspired also leads a summer Volunteer Program in Italy (Florence and Rome), which includes working with HIV and AIDS patients, elderly homeless persons, childhood education and more. . .

GO INSPIRED will run three different workshops in Florence this Summer:

“Commedia dell’arte is a form of theatre characterized by masked “types”. Commedia dell’arte (“Comedy of Art” or “Comedy of the profession”), means unwritten or improvised drama, and implies rather to the manner of performance than to the subject matter of the play. It was a popular form of entertainment in Italy during the Renaissance although it began in the 14th Century and continued until the 18th Century. Commedia gained popularity in other European countries, especially France. The actors performed in public in town squares and no scripts were used; only scenarios were written allowing the actors to improvise the dialogue to the delight of the audience. Commedia Dell’Arte is still alive around the world. . . The course focuses on reading, understanding, and interpreting scenes, characters and stories contained in major classical texts, reviving them from an environment some 500 years ago. This course allows students to see the many emotions connected to time, space, love, fame, war, power, justice, friendship, violence and jealousy that remain in our world today. Theater as an intellectual exercise and as a strongly emotional experience will be explored in this course.”

“Historical dance, or early dance, embraces social dancing of the courts and ballrooms of Europe, and choreographies from theatre and court entertainments. The periods covered range from the fifteenth century to the nineteenth. Within this span, periods are often identified by titles, such as:

  • Renaissance dance (in England, Elizabethan dance and Tudor dance)
  • Baroque dance

Some typical dance forms, in approximate chronological order, are:

  • Basse danse, Bassa danza, Ballo, Tordion, Pavan (or pavanne), Almain (or almayne), Galliard, Canario, Passomezzo (or Passo e mezo)
  • Country dance, Gigue, Sarabande, Rigaudon, Minuet (or Menuet)

Cotillion, Quadrille, Mazurka, Waltz.

“Inside Design is an opportunity to take a tour of the world of Italian design; to study design precedents and develop an interior design project. Students will be guided to investigate a famous Florentine fashion griffe, starting from the analysis of its products, and to translate its philosophy and features into a space reflecting its particular atmosphere. The course will include lectures, visits, critiques and studio time to work on a project. Visiting museums, design show rooms and architectural offices as well as hosting specific guests will introduce students to the complexities of developing interior spaces as well as an introduction to Italian design culture. Working on their projects, participants will express their own creativity through sketches, drawings and maquettes, focusing on materials, surfaces, volumes, light and colors. The aim of the course is to define a universal method to face a design project in a personal way.”

These workshops are truly exciting and I wish I could attend one myself. I would probably choose the Baroque-Renaissance Dance. I can definitely see myself in a Lady’s gown dancing to the tune of the Minuet!

I encourage you to visit Go Inspired on the web and . . . Let’s be inspired!

 FTC Disclosure

I have not received any compensation for posting this content and I have no material connection to the brands, topics and/or products that are mentioned herein. My opinions are 100% my own.

2 thoughts on “Inspiring Workshops in Florence!

  1. Thanks for the lovely post! As I told you, Italy is one of my favorite places-especially in the summer. What a great place to explore for couples, singles and even families! You will not be disappointed with Italia!


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