Buona Pasqua. . . Happy Easter!

Espresso and mini Pastiere. . .
Buon giorno!

Good morning World . . . Happy Easter!

On this sunny Easter Sunday I want to thank all of you that have been following my blog.

Today it is April 8th, 2012; I published my first blog exactly four months ago, on December 8th 2011.

This has been a completely new experience for me, very involving I must say, yet very enriching and rewarding.

I have enjoyed the comments that some of you have been kind enough to leave. Please, don’t stop sharing your thoughts and if you enjoy my posts, don’t be shy, hit the LIKE icon!

For many experienced bloggers, out there in cyberspace, keeping track of the number of hits received, might be of little significance.

I am still a novice and I admit that I am almost addicted to checking my stats. I study the “most read” and the google search to understand what people have enjoyed the most. Basically anything involving food is a big hit. . . but I have so much more than food that I want to share: pictures for my trip in Italy, my favorite destinations, history and more. Can I allow myself to just relax and write for the pure satisfaction of Sharing My Italy and everything I love about it? I am sure I can and I will. Am I ready? Not quite! For a little longer I will question myself about the appropriate topics and for a little longer I will be anxiously waiting for the stats!

Few days ago I reached the 2000 mark, I was ecstatic! Last night, for the first time, I received 100 hits in one day and . . . I could not stop smiling.

What I love the most is looking at the map, how amazing that at least one person from 50 different countries, and counting, has been reading my blog! No races, no genders, no religion or believes, no riches or poor, no politics, no borders . . .there will always be someone, somewhere in the world, with whom to share all about My beautiful Country. How great is that!

Well, it’s breakfast time so, once again, GRAZIE and BUONA PASQUA! 

Uova di Pasqua . . .
Italian Chocolate Easter Eggs

5 thoughts on “Buona Pasqua. . . Happy Easter!

  1. Happy Easter bella mia!! Hope you’ve had a lovely day.. I totally get the stat addiction! Its so amazing to think that someone else reads/likes your work isnt it? but that’s just it, it’s not work, its a hobby/passion and so cool to think that other people are enjoying/learning from what we do/think/write. Hope the stats keep creeping up – Great eater recipes btw! Not sure im brave enough to attempt one, best I ask my husband! 😉 x


    1. Happy Easter to you too!!! I am glad you share some of my feelings. You are right, we do it for the simple pleasure of sharing our knowledge and passions.
      I am sure you will do great trying one of the recipes. I love your blog!


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